Question about Pcsx2
It's been a while since I've messed with a ps2 emulator. I've looked around and noticed they got working quite nicely so figured I'd give one another go. So I have Pcsx2 0.9.6's version and I have got Front Mission 4 and Front Mission 5 to mess around with on it. Now I have no doubt my pc can run the games and emulator, what I'm stuck on is how I start the games with the emulator. When I try to use "Run Cd/Dvd" the ps2's bios comes up. When I try to use the "Open ELF file" It doesn't find the games. I believe they are saved to my computer as ISO files, what should I do? Thanks in advanced.

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First of all...get the last beta version of PCSX2.
With the latest PCSX2 (0.9.7 or newer)

Select Iso under the CDVD menu.
Then Browse... for your .iso and be sure it's also selected.
[Image: runiso.png]

Choose to Boot CDVD (full) or Boot CDVD (fast) under the System menu.

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