Question about Pnach Files
ok I'm hearing from one side you can convert codes another is saying I have to look for the code while playing the game can someone clear this up.

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Ehr.... care to clarify what you mean?
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(09-13-2009, 11:21 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Ehr.... care to clarify what you mean?

Well when making cheats Patchs I've heard that I need to find the Hex Code for the said thing i.e. the hex/code for health. like finding the packet for the said thing.


Getting Codes for the game that came from places like Code Breakers or Code Twink. then Converting them to the Way I need them for the Patch file.
Both work, but with the second way you get to keep the cheat on a file so you don't apply it each time (but don't quote me on that, maybe the patch finder cheats also stay)
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