Question about Scale Rendering
So uhm I just saw how Spiffy something is at X6, Unfortunately i cannot unsee it and more is i can't play on x6 without getting down to 30fps, So uhm Does CPU factor in Scale Rendering or is it purely powered up by GPU, Thank you.
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I dont know if it effects the cpu a tiny but, but the majority of load is on the gpu. I can for example play FFXII on x6 scaling at fullspeed with my current GTX 560Ti, but with my old 8800GT I could barely make it to x3 scaling.

Edit: If youre getting 30fps on x6 scaling, maybe you could pull of x3 or even x4. The difference in actual image quality from x4-x6 is virtually unnoticable.
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rendering is dependent on both CPU and GPU speeds. More load is put on the GPU though. I can have up to a 5-10 fps increase when I have my processor overclocked to 4.2 ghz as opposed to 3.0 ghz. That might be more related to EE and VU emulation speed though.

I haven't tested 6x much but my setup right now can run fatal frame 3 with about 50 fps average, some dips in there to about 30 at the lowest. (was messing with this for about an hour). With that in mind to run some of the more demanding games at 6x you're going to need a better card than a GTX 285.

I'm guessing that rendering at 6x takes up considerably more graphic memory than rendering at 1x as well, I can't imagine it would take more than 1gb of gfx mem to run though.

Edited for better clarity.
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yeah i guess it's basically some kind of compatiblity as well, I put 4x rendering, but there are some screens i get major fps dip (60 down to 30) although i can actually skip those, it just bugs me anyway thanks for the input, i guess a little more OC to the graphics card would be good.
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If you're scaling well beyond viewable resolution (IE 640x480 @ 6x scale is a 3840x2880) you'll probably get a better/faster image with a 3-4x scale and AA turned on... Scale that high only looks that good because setting that high of an internal res being displayed at a lower res is another form of AA (Closer to FSAA, versus MSAA that all modern video cards do. MSAA is less GPU intensive)
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let alone there is a point where the scaling would just make things too much blur without real visual quality gain but a HUGE impact on performance. So Koji is absolutely right about a "reasonable" scaling supported by other native video driver image enhancers is the way to go.
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With my Sapphire HD5770, Is there a way i could turn on AA, Like do i force it? Or should i just click "Let application decide" Because my fullscreen is 1366x768 via a 32 inch LED HDTV, what scaling would be better for me, on games like Persona 4 i can go up to x4 i do get minor lags (Such as Kanji's Bathroom) Other than that it's pretty spiffy, Though i don't really want to tire out my GPU like that, since it might be stressing it with all that rendering and stuff going on. Heh
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scale is also vram dependant, x6 can easily use 500MB on a game like FFX, so it'll use more then that in heavier games.

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