Question about "bios dumping"
So I have a ps2 and I was thinking about emulating it on my pc, but If I get the bios from my ps2 by "dumping", how will my bios in the ps2 be affected. Will it be removed, will it stay? What will happen?

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Dumping the BIOS from your PS2 doesn't affect it in any way, it just duplicates the files necessary for PCSX2 to run
you will need a means to run unsigned code (be it thru AR Max 's lil emulator functionality, various exploits. FCMB/FCHDB, a Modchip, etc. to dump your bios.
Dumping the bios is like coping a file from your pc to your flash drive,you don't affect the PS2 in any way by dumping the bios

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