Question about changing hotkeys for savestates
I do use memory card(as I know problems can occur if you just use save states) but I do use savestates a lot too in case the game crashes(also for some reason, whenever I minimize pcsx2, the game crashes and sometimes I forget that it can crash).

By default: F1 is to save, F2 is to switch the savestate slot, and F3 is to load.

I was wondering if I can change the hotkeys to something like "F1 save slot 1", "F2 save slot 2", "shift + F1 load slot 1", etc?

Or changing it to f1-5 save slots 1-5, f6-10 load slots 1-5?

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Not without changing one (or two) plugins. F4-F12 are already occupied by GSDX.

F4 - Frame Rate
F5 - Interlace
F6 - Aspect Ratio
F7 - Filter?
F8 - Screenshot
F9 - Not sure exactly
F10 - Nothing?
F11 - Nothing?
F12 - Video Capture

If you want to change the functions, you should ask one of the controller plugin creators to add it in.
F4 is a PCSX2 key for framelimiter toggling.

F5-F8 are reserved for the GS plugin (you got those right!)

F9 is a PCSX2 key for flipping to/from software mode (which is certainly a hack, but very useful none-the-less!)

F10 is a PCSX2 key for devel use mostly. Logging toggles.

F11 is unused, actually (I think, I should double check!)

F12 is PCSX2 key for video/audio capture

... so only F5-F8 are "off limits" in that design, though PCSX2 can freely remap the GS Fxx keys to any other key, thanks to how I did things in 0.9.7. So remapping is possible. The problem is that making a decent enough interface for configuring it is annoying. I might allow it to be manually edited via the ini files, but don't expect anything in the user interface for it for a while, unless some other coder gets eager and submits a widget/panel for it. Wink
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Well, actually, number keys (1-9) would be better suit for save/load statates, than F-keys. And they are free for use.
Yeah that's a better idea for sure.
We could do that.
Is there guide how to configure video recording?? when i press f12 logs says it creates zerospu2.wav file (sound only)/ Tough it creatd the file its 0 time in winamp and cant run in windows media player at all. Using Win7 if it changes anything
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Solved. Newer gsdx has it. Tough newer dont give a little boost in t5 it bugs arenas even more.
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I don't know about you, but I like the F1 setup because it's out of reach of my wandering fingers during normal use. Less of a chance of hitting them accidentally.

If you do change it up, kindly add something in to either revert to the old behavior, or to require a modifier; ie Shift + 1 loads, Ctrl + 1 saves, 1 itself does nothing.
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Wow, thanks for the response everyone and thanks for taking being able to change hotkeys, for savestates, into consideration Smile.
(01-07-2010, 03:22 PM)rama Wrote: We could do that.

That would be great. I wished me many times, that I could use the number keys for savestates as well. This would be much easier than constantly hitting F2 to reach a specific savestate.
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