Question about cheats and patches and CRC...
Well, hi. I'm playing Odin Sphere and I want to cheat in it. The problem is... well, I don't know how to do it. I have tried cheating before, but none of the codes I used worked, and I did convert the ARMAX codes using omniconvert but they didn't work.

I tried going to the patches thread to get one for Odin Sphere but the only one I found has a different CRC. This is the CRC for my Odin Sphere: 35f3a1d9

Also, my Odin Sphere is the PAL version if that matters.

Another question, do I dump the pnach file in the cheats folder or the patches folder?

Thanks in advance.

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The codes are in CodeBreaker v1+ format and you don't need the master code

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I'll love you if it works! I'll test them once I get home. Do I need to convert these codes or can I just put them in the pnach file?
Well the codes are not mine but they will surely work on PS2...I don't know about pcsx2 and like I told you,the codes are in CodeBreaker V1+ format/encryption,you need you use omniconvert to convert CodeBreaker V1+ to RAW
I just converted the codes and tested here and they don't work =(

gametitle=ODIN SPHERE

//Master code

//Infinite HP

This is my pnach file. I don't know what I'm doing wrong...
Maybe I was wrong(about the code format)but the codes don't look like raw to me and they are definitely not CodeBreaker v7

BTW I told you that master code is not needed
I used omniconvert to convert the code from CodeBreaker V1+ to CodeBreaker RAW. Those were the results I got...

Perhaps I should've used CodeBreaker V7 as the input?
No,converting those codes to raw from V1+/V7 gives you the same result as if the codes are raw and your are converting them to V1+/V7

They look strange(in the txt file)but they most likely are raw already
Oh, if they're RAW already, I shouldn't have converted them... I'll try just copy pasting the codes from the txt file.

EDIT: I copy pasted the codes from the txt file and now the game crashes. It goes through the menu and cutscenes alright, but when I'm supposed to actually play the game (any part that has gameplay) it just gives me a black screen.
The problem is that i don't know what type are those codes(what encryption they are using or are they raw)...I'm 99% sure that those codes will work fine on Code Breaker but I don't know how to make them work on pcsx2(if it's actually possible)

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