Question about cheats on 0.9.7!
(08-13-2010, 10:25 PM)nosisab Ken Keleh Wrote: Well, for the decryption part you just need to copy/paste those code pairs into the omiconvert left window, click the button and the result shows up in the right window.

v6 means all versions of codebreaker from the first until 6 and v7+ means all versions from the seventh to the last one. That is meaningful because from version 7 the encryption method was changed.

The usage is really simple, no secrets at all.

Copy and paste what codes? The codebreaker codes from the internet? And what do i put as the game id and name for my ISO file? Im not using a disk and i duno how to get the ID.

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this is the code that ive got for the final fantasy X version but when i run it it says that no cheat was detected,, what do i do??
It must be put in a file with the same hex value seen in the CRC at the console log, and terminated with the .pnach extension.

Be careful it doesn't becomes something like A8700B40.pnach.txt (easy to happen if Windows is set to hide extensions, what is it's default)

of course each code must be in the pnach format, not just copied from the converter.

How to do this is long to talk, there is a whole thread explaining howto create pnach files.
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