Question about clamping.
Acording to gameindex.dbf, those are available clamping modes. 

-- Clamp Modes (eeClampMode = n and vuClampMode = n)
-- The clamp modes are numerically based.
-- eeClampMode refers to the EE's FPU co-processor
-- vuClampMode refers to the VU's and COP2 (VU0 Macro-mode)
-- 0 = Disables clamping completely
-- 1 = Clamp Normally (only clamp results)
-- 2 = Clamp Extra (clamp results as well as operands)
-- 3 = Full Clamping for FPU / Extra+Preserve Sign Clamping for VU

Does mode 1 is the same setting as default pcsx2 mode? 
Like here (fpu example here):

Serial = SCES-53202
Name  = Tekken 5
Region = PAL-M5
Compat = 5
eeClampMode = 1
Edit: Sorry i made mistake earlier, and messed clamping with rounding. But my question is still valid. Does Clamp mode 1 is the same as default setting? If yes then why set it in gameindex? I see that is set for few games on VU, and FPU.

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