Question about new pcsx2 releases
This is a very noob question. Since the two pcsx2 teams became one, I was wondering, ¿Where do I put the beta releases?, in the official 0.9.4 (like the 0.9.5 did) or in the Playground version (Like I was doing´til now), im asking that because everytime I put the new beta releases in one of the two pcsx2 folders(official or PP), appears this message saying that is a different vesion and it could be problems. Thanks
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oh for that message you just delete the existing pcsx2.ini file that in the "inis" folder. Smile
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As LuisR14 said, and as folder use the latest Playground release.

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You mean pcsx2 beta release XD Playground doesn't exist anymore.
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(02-18-2009, 04:42 PM)DarkChaos Wrote: You mean pcsx2 beta release XD Playground doesn't exist anymore.

No, Sultan is correct. You have to use playground official release as a base, and put in the folder the new pcsx2 beta

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