Question about pcsx2 and hardware
Alrite so this contains a few questions.

1. Dose the pcsx2 emulator run stricly of the CPU
2. if so to 1 can it be configured to run the gfx of the GPU
3. is there a list of games that work very well to perfect on the PCSX2

lmk and thank you

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1. Pcsx2 is mainly CPU dependent but depending on the game, it can be both CPU and GPU demanding.
2. You can configure the resolutions of your taste and mess with AA if you like.
3. You can check the game compatibility stat here:
o i see

well thanks for that list now i dont have to waist my time

quick question thow

i did get champions return to arms but it seams theres a half screen problem and gfx problem as well

is there or will there be a fix for that?
No problem. Sorry, i don't have the game that you're talking about. Check your private message.

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