Question about recording

I've been trying to record footage of FFX on PCSX2. However, I've been having some issues. After I turn off the recording, the resulting file is not an AVI file (it doesn't say what kind of file it is).

My question is: Is it normal? If it is, what do I do with the file?

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It is normal. Iirc you get a raw video file and a raw audio file.
You need to MUX both with 3rd party software like virtual dub
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It worked. Thanks for the help.

I have another problem, though. The emulator only seems to be recording video files (which is weird because the first time I attempted to record, the audio was working just fine)

What did I do wrong?

EDIT: NVM. Figured it out.
The audio is there, it's just a separate filel.
just add the .avi extension to the filename, it will work fine

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