Question about sidewinder v
hello guys, I got a little problem when using

a game named sidewinder v, I tried to simulate it with pcsx2svn502, But it can not run, I did not change any settings, all are the default settings, I have noticed that the procedure did not crash or dead, It is still running but no display, it Looks like a problem with animation

I tried to change some settings, but the same issue, I noted that there is a game patch about sidewinder v, I have read the contents inside, i found that GAME's ID is different with mine, my sidewinder v ID is SLPS-25255, I am not sure that this is the problem

so, please could anybody can tell me where is the problem? thanks

sorry my poor english Smile

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Sad please Who can help me i love this game verymach
I constantly try but still no results, please Who can help me Sad
try Run-Execute
If this will not help - than this game runs only with patch and patch was made for another version. So no luck

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