Question about succesfully running pcsx2
So I have my original Suikoden 3 cd in my dvd rom and when I go to my emulator I try "Run CD/DVD", it loads up a little saying "No rom2" in red and then shuts down. I then try "Run -> Execute", it displays the first screen of the ps2 and then comes the redish screen saying theres no cd inside. Finally I have no idea what the "Open ELF File" means at all.

Any help? Smile

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#2 That will probably help you alot.
Moved to the proper section.
You haven't configured properly your cd/dvd plugin or chosen a wrong one.Read the guide for configuring properly (cdvd section in your case):
[Image: newsig.jpg]
oh sorry about posting on the wrong section, will read the guide thank you Smile

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