Question about the Compatibility List and Ace Combat 5
The game Ace Combat 5 - The Unsung War shown in the list as level "intro".
I tried it and freeze at the "namco" logo.
So I'm wondering whether it can be played if I skip the intro?
If so, where can I find a patch to skip the intro?

I played the game not in the list with v0.9.4:
TearRing Saga Series Berwick Saga
and got through it.
The game will crush at a certain point of the intro, just push the start button to skip it then everything will be alright.

That's why I get the wondering.
By the way, is it worth adding to the list?

I apologize if my English is not good. I'm not from an English speaking country.

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"Intro" means exactly that it will crash during the intro. So no, there's nothingmore you can do or see for now

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