Question about the F9 key
What's the difference between setting the plugin in software or hardware mode and pressing F9 while the game is running? Does F9 switch from software to hardware and the other way around?
I noticed that if I, for example, choose software and press F9, I get the same result as choosing hardware and if I choose hardware and press F9, I get the same result as choosing software.

When I press F9, the log window says

Opening GS
Forced software switch enabled.
Loading GS

even when the plugin is set to software mode already.
This message also appears when the plugin is set to hardware mode.

Maybe this is a stupid question but I'd like to understand what's the relation between both plugin modes and whatever the F9 key does because, at the moment to me, the F9 is a magical key that makes the games run faster sometimes.

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F9 is just a toggle. If you are in software it will switch to hardware. If you are in hardware it will switch to software.

Usually, hardware mode is faster.

Hardware mode, the graphics are rendered by your GPU.

Software mode, they are rendered by your CPU.
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I see.
I thought that's what it was for but I wanted to make sure because the message in the log window was confusing me. That and the fact that even when I pressed it, if I went to the plugin settings screen, the current mode didn't change (if I chose software and then pressed F9, the current mode was still set to software). It makes sense, since the change is temporal, the settings don't change in the plugin configuration screen.
Thanks for the answer!!

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