Question about your game performance (vs PC)
This should be answered by someone that has run both the MAC & PC emulator. Recently.

Do you find a big enough of a difference on the MAC & PC versions of PCSX2 that you might considering switching to PC to play those games?
Maybe (!!) I'll be purchasing an ipad3 or MacBook soon, which means i've got to sell the laptop as I only carry one when traveling.

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Yes, the PC version of PCSX2 is much better. You can still use the Windows version natively if you use Bootcamp, though.
Its incomparable!,the pc version is coming near the perfection.
What would you say the speed difference between the MAC and PC version? About half as fast as PC or 1/3rd or 1/4th?
I have no idea; I'd say that depends on the individual game. It's not even all about speed, as the Windows version is also more accurate.
You have more options, a higher compatibility and even higher speed for some games.
Still as already mentioned you can buy a mac and install a dual-boot-system which you probably need in any case if you want to play windows-games.
With using bootcamp and the windows emulator version does it work very well (in general)?
Because me too i want to purchase a laptop and i hesitate between a Macbook pro retina and a laptop, though i just want to be sure if the MBP retina (i5 2,6 ghz) via bootcamp permitted to run well PS2 games?(with the good settings native resolution etc..)
Thanks for your help
Ps:sorry for my poor english :0)
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