Question and Suggestion maybe

I was just wondering. Why aren' there any PCSX2 Plugins that use OpenGL? Because if I recall correctly in the EPSXE emulator they used to work even better than the Direct3D plugin.

Besides wouldn't this create less of a problem when having to deal with different DirectX versions as almost all cards support it and there is no (to my knowledge) OS restrictions?


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Yes, there is ZeroGS OGL. Latest version is 0.96.7, but playground one is more advanced. But this plugin is far from being perfect.
Ohh I understand...

So Which one is better ZeroGS KOSMOS y Playground because those are the ones that I have?

I don't used them much because the games usually look worse. But It did manage to speed up GS Never Ending Tomorrow to playable speeds unlik GSDX plugin.

Thanks for the answer.
Playground one -- I was able to fix antialliasing in it.
Thanks I'll take it into consideration!!!

So does the ZeroGS plugin get updated, or no one is working on it?
Well, Zeydlitz has been working on it, and I've generally been committing his patches. I occassionally make changes as well, but I'm not exactly knowledgable about OpenGL, so I have to be rather careful in some of my changes. With any luck, ZeroFrog will evenually be working on it again, but he's been tied up with RL, and likely will be for quite a while.

So it's not exactly actively developed, but there is some work being done on it. Unfortunately, right now the DirectX version of ZeroGS is superior to the OpenGL version, but most of the work being done right now is on the OpenGL version...
Ok, Thanks.

Do you mind if I ask you what RL stands for?
Real Life
The eternal bane of programmers everywhere, Real Life...
How very poetic....

And a bit sad, if you don't mind me saying. Real Life is everything. This... and the other stuff too.

Thanks for all the help.

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