Question from an emulator noob, desperately need help!
'Morning all, I just started using (well, downloaded) pcsx2 and I honestly have no idea how to get it running, I have all the plug-ins and BIOS set up, my problem is running the ISO. i am trying to get FFXII to run in an ISO format using Daemon tools, however whenever i go to Run CD/DVD it goes to the ps2 screen when the disc isn't in (not sure what it's called)

Anywho, my question is, how do i get it to read the mounted ISO?

And i guess i should throw my specs out there to see if it's even worth my time

2.40GHZ Quad Core
Nvidia GeForce 8600GT 256MB card
Vista home premium[/align]

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Did you search this forum? Your question has been answered hundreds of times. There is no point mounting the ISO image you have, we already have a plugin that reads ISOs directly, Linuz ISO. So unmount it and use that plugin to boot it.
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Thanks, got it working Smile but what could i do to make it a little less choppy?
Overclock your CPU, use the latest 1888 beta and the latest March 11 plugins pack
[Image: newsig.jpg]
You can experiment around a bit with the options under Config->Speed Hacks.
And make sure you have as few other programms open as possible.
Everytime I have a rather big walkthrough opened in word, the game slows down considerbly.

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