Question of GranTurismon 4
#PCSX2 r1264
#GSDX 0.1.15 r1285 (Hardware Direct3D9) Defaults
#CPU: Limit on, EERec on, V0rec on, Vu1rec on, Multi threaded GS mode on.
#Speed Hacks: None
#Gamefixes: None

#GranTurismon 4
Screem Settings: Brightness:0,
Video Ouput: Progessive (480p)Biggrin

You can repair with GSDX the menu & the bug License Fai?
is because that you have this bug the plenty of time!

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CPU: Athlon 64 +5600 @ 2.8
GPU: ATI PCS 4670 512MB 128Bits (PowerColor)
RAM: 3600Gbs DDR 800
HD: 500Gbs Sata
OS: Windows XP Serve Pack 3
OS2: Windows Vista Ultimate Serve Pack 2

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