Question of performance
Hello guys,

I would like to know your opinion about the performance of 2 laptops to enjoy PCSX2 while using Isos properly:

I am hesitating between 2 laptops:

The MSI GX640-200 and the Asus G60JX-JX024V

Here is their configs:


Intel® Core™ i5
Normal mode 2,26 GHz
Turbo mode 2,53 GHz
Cache L3 3 Mo
Ram 4096 Mo
Frequencyt 1066 MHz
Screen 15,4"
Resolution WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050)
ATI Mobility™ Radeon™ HD5850
1024 Mo

And the Asus:

Intel® Core™ i5
Normal 2,4 GHz
Turbo Mode 2,93 GHz
Ram 4096 Mo
Frequency 1066 MHz
Screen 16"
Resolution WXGA (1366 x 768)
nVidia® GeForce™ GTS 360M
1024 Mo

I like them both but I'd rather the MSI because it's smaller.

Do you have any idea by any chance of the speed ( in fps) each of these two laptops would manage to run with isos?

Thank you very much in advance if you have an idea!

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the asus will perform better in pcsx2 due to higher clocks, the msi will be a lot better in non pcsx2 games tho
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Ok thank you ChronicNL!

Do you have an idea by chance of the FPS I may get with the MSI? Would that be over 40 fps on average?

Many thanks for your help!
i am not really familiar with the i5 mobile cpu's
a lot of games won't run fullspeed but you can try to up it a bit with speedhacks
if you just want to play final fantasy or kingdom hearts, it will easily suffice

some games are a lot heavier to run than others
1 may need 1.8ghz dual core whilst the other needs 3.2ghz dual core
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Thanks again ChronicNL,

for instance if I take Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 3 do you know if the performance with the MSI would be good?
(05-06-2010, 08:52 PM)Smith01 Wrote: Thanks again ChronicNL,

for instance if I take Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 3 do you know if the performance with the MSI would be good?
here's the person to ask for dbz. ok, it would probably run 80-100% speed all the time, givew or take some speedhacks. but generally it would run very well. in fact i've seen people run dbz with even weaker pcs, so the MSI should be fine for DBZ only. Hope i was of help and if i made any grammar mistakes it's because my native language is Albanian, totally unrelated to english Smile
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Thank you so much GundamQuatro! Your help is great! That is the answer I was looking for! Many thanks to you and to ChronicNL!
Here's my opinion.

You will find the MSI to be just fine. Just realize your speeds could be better with some games. I think you'll exceed 40fps with most games you try. Of course, I'm guessing you realize that some games no PC can play at this time, or very few (usually very high-end desktops).

As for DBZ BT3, check out the PCSX2 Wiki. You should be at full speed with or without speedhacks according to it.

Also, you could expect better performances (results may vary) as the PCSX2/plugin devs continue to kick ass, chew bubble-gum and release new versions. I did.
Thank you as well Rezard!
Well what can I say?I get 20FPS when playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 MY SPECS:
3Gb DDR2 Ram,
512mb Xfx Radeon 4650,
So, ofcourse you would be able to play it at full speed or soSmile
EDIT:In starting videos it reaches 100FPS.Finishing for the third time using PCSX2 Laugh

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