Question on GH:WT and GH:5
So, I got GH5 and GHWT running on my PCSX 2, it went well but the graphics, its weird.

On GH2, the graphics are really good. There's no colours outline, and it looks even smoother than the newer GH.

In GH5 and GHWT, the graphics are bad in game. Colours outline on the fret buttons, and the graphics looks like I'm playing a game with 640x480 resolution even when I'm running on 1440x900.

Is there any solution to make the graphics better? I'm trying to rip the graphics to make a theme mod for a game.

Thank you.

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well, increasing internal res in gsdx could help t get better visual effect.
but when you rip, you'll only get them in native pS2 res, I'm affraid.
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