Question on TAS
I have to ask, while I know how to record footage and use save stats, I can't seem to understand how people get such precise results since from what I can tell PCSX2 doesn't have precise frame by frame advance with matching input.
Does anyone know how they manage consistent split second results so seamlessly?

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To my knowledge pcsx2 if far from accurate regarding timing and tas could/should suffer from this. Maybe the negative influence is less prominent in slowmo?
PCSX2 isn't really that suitable for TAS honestly. Lacking features that are conducive to that and not super accurate.
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You can change the framelimiter to anything you want - min is 5% speed -, so you can play at very slow speeds. Accuracy should not be an issue since PCSX2 is pretty much the only functioning ps2 emulator, so tassers are using the same tools, so there is nothing unfair going on.
Maybe they are counting frames to get a feeling for time?

I am not sure if playing at lower speed really helps. If pcsx2 is generally playing the first second of two in double speed and the other accordingly slower to match two seconds in total you can play that as slow as you like.

But as you said. If there is TAS -> there is TAS.
Yeah I know it's the only tool but it's like this:

You've got a philips head screw to take out. But you only have a flathead driver. You can get the job done, but it's not gonna be perfect.

Ofc I'm not dissing PCSX2 but based on what I know of TAS it is certainly not optimal. Just the only choice.
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TASers usually make use of 'rewinding' the game as well. You screw up, you go back to the point where it went wrong and redo it. And then overwrite that part where it went wrong as many times as necessary, until it's perfected.

That's how you're able to see those ***** timings with Mario games and stuff too. It's not just 'slow playing', it's also going back to previous points of that particular point in the game.
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Well, I've succeeded in putting together a TAS, specifically using Sony Vegas, but I have to ask whether this sort of thing is usually just editing together an hour of footage until it looks perfect.
Also, it seems the audio is at times not a clean cut.
Playing Viewtiful Joe, for reference, and it really comes out during the helicopter boss fight.

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