Question on compatibility between PS2 regions
Hi everyone, I'm brand new to PCSX2 and just got my configuration working properly. As someone who's only ever played NTSC releases, there are several PAL and Japanese versions I am interested in playing for the first time. However once I acquire those discs, will those games run properly in fast boot? As I am no expert in Japanese, for instance, would the entire game be only playable in Japanese? I have the chance to buy a Japanese version of PS2's Haunting Ground for instance but have no idea in regards to the language question [native English speaker]. Just trying to get my bearings and any advice on those who play games across regions would be appreciated!

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Just like imported Japanese media/movies that are straight from Japan. Japanese-only games would likely be localized in Japanese language. Unless the versions released in Japan had international localizations included it's all going to be in Japanese. Ultimately what language options you'll have, if any, will depend on any individual game and sometimes which version you have at hand.

I own no Japanese disks, so i'm unable to answer the question about booting. A friend of mine played through Japanese FFX on her PS2 nearly two decades ago, but I have no clue if her console was also from Japan, she is also fluent in Japanese.

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