Question on dumping
I'm sorry if this was already asked but I couldn't find it anywhere (granted I didn't spend a lot of time searching...) but when I downloaded the "memoryexploit.rar", I couldn't find the "CDGenPS2.exe, titleman.exe, and TITLE.DB" files in it. I only see the actual folder "Memoryexploit", inside of that being "America, Europe, Japan" folders, and inside of each of those I see an XPS file named "kl4-pslink124-naplink"

If someone could just tell me what to do it would be extremely helpful, and yet again, if it's already been asked I'm extremely sorry. (and if it's such an obvious thing then I'm sorry I wasted your time... lol)

EDIT~~~ Forgot to put in that I wanted to dump my PS2 BIOS, if it matters.

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