Question regarding BGDA2's status
This question is aimed specifically to those of you who know the way things work here, regarding games becoming playable.

Is Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 becoming anything close to playable anytime soon? What'd it depend on?


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No since the devs after much research still have no idea what the problem is. First step to fix something is identifying what's wrong, and the Baldur's Gate games haven't even reached that stage yet.
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it doesn't even work in the interpreter right bositman?
What is the ingame issue that is preventing this game from being playable anyways? All I keep reading is that its unplayable but I cant find out precisely what the ingame issue is that is preventing it from being playable
The same bug in all Snowblind games, totally messed up geometry ingame.

Quote:it doesn't even work in the interpreter right bositman?

No, since that would at least give a hint as to what's failing.
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Hmm when I tested out BGDA2 I had no graphic issues but then I was only at the beginning and didn't get to play it much since it was a bit slow on my pc. This was running in HW mode on direct x10 gsdx plugin. Possible I would of saw issues farther into the game but the start of the game was fine and looked the same as it would on the ps2 for me.
my probem is if i get in game, is tht half the screen is gone, nothing fixes that, and the geometry is odd. and the thingy is..its not a plugin problem either..
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The half-screen issue can be fixed with software rendering, as usual.

But the horribly butchered in-game graphics make it impossible enough to play--
then add some crashing here-and-there--
and you have yourself some of the worst possible compatibility.
(Honestly, I'd rather have seen it just not boot. Would feel like there's more hope...)

If any cares to see how they can manage,
I recommend not using more recent revisions.
Back with 0.9.7, the FPS was much higher in-game.

@ Topken:
Not that I am accusing you of lying,
but you simply must be mistaken.

You can not get in-game without seeing some serious issues, especially with hardware rendering.
In fact, I believe that Baldur's Gate was the one that will freeze on the main menu if you don't hurry through it...
Yea, no news on that front. Still suspecting either a hardware quirk on VIF or bad reversing docs on it.
I seem to recall that this game used a lot of tricks related to getting a form of bump/normal mapping to work - apparently the method used is one that requires a lot of bandwidth/memory to perform. One other game I seem to remember that also used this was Matrix Path of Neo.

The above is probably common knowledge to be honest, but just throwing it out there.

/Edit, oops it is.

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