Question regarding difference between CPU's
I'm new to the whole PS2 Scene and using the beta here I have an extremely playable FFX with almost no bug's occasionaly bit's were it is unmovable but meh, it's decent.

It could use a little bit ( mabye ) more power tho, atm i'm using a duo cpu 2.33 ghz intel ( E6550 )

if It was a quadcore of about the same ghz how much difference would I notice? Like if I was going to upgrade my cpu for the soul purpose just for this what should I aim for?

Also looking to also upgrade cpu to use the dolphin emulator, would quad core be useful for at least that?

Eh basicly just asking what CPU should I am for to get extremely playable ( I'm not that fussy sheesh ) results to play hardcore emulators.

sorry for the retarded noobish question lols

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From the FAQ:
Quote:Does the emulator support 4 cores?

No, currently only 2 cores are supported. To make Pcsx2 efficiently use 3 or more cores will require major code changes. So don't ask when quad-core support will be available, since it won't be anytime soon! However, pcsx2 will run fine on your quadcore cpu. It just won't benefit from the extra 2 cores.
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Quote:Please take the time to read stickies before making a new thread.
I did, hence I made this thread making sure that quadcore would make no difference at all

Either way this basicly answered the question. cheers Tongue2
i think the point in the sticky is, if it doesnt support it, it will in no way shape or form make use of it, so yes the answer you are after is it doesnt make a blind bit of difference ;p
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It could make a negative difference..
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The only case you will see a positive difference will be when using gsdx software mode as you will have two cores to dedicate to the plugin.

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