Question(s) regarding BIOS
I understand it's necessary to have a BIOS file to use this emulator, and that the only legal way is to rip it yourself.
Most guides I could find on how to rip it seem to be rather old (5+ years) and, more importantly, to assume a modded PS2.

I have access to:
An unmodded regular PAL PS2
A USB drive of sufficient size
A PS1 game
A USB to wireless internet connector
An 8mb memory card I could emtpy if necessary

I should be able to get the following if necessary:
Any disk up to DVD (R or RW if only 1 type works)
A USB-ethernet adapter

I do not have, nor have any desire/opportunity to obtain:
A modded PS2
Swapdisk or the like

Is it possible to rip my PS2 BIOS with (and, for the latter list, without) these?
And if so, how would I do so?

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Unfortunately, the PS2 needs to be able to run homebrew applications so it can access the bios we want to dump.

If you are interested in modding your PS2; this guide will take you through the process of dumping your BIOS over a LAN connection.
You can use an Datel Action Replay Max disc, a version with the media player. It's still available for a few bucks at many (online) gaming shops.

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