Questions From a Newbie!
Hi Guys,

Few Quick Questions -

I have a fairly Modern PC, Purchased at Christmas.

Specs - Quad Core 2.8 GHZ, 4 Gig Ram, GTX 260, Vista

It kills any game I want to run so My First question -

1) Is this Pc Powerful enough to succesfully emulatate Kingdom Hearts 2, Dragonball z Infinite Worlds, Budokai Tenkachi 3 and Shadow of the Colossus all without frame rate issues?

I've checked the Comp List and it says they all run great, I just hope my PC can..

2) On youtube Alot of people seem to be playing with a version called PCSX2 revision 923 , Is this better/worse than 0.9.6? If it's more likely to be suited to the games I want to play where would I find the emulator?

Thanks Guys -


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1) For most of these you will be either very close or you will get full speed,so I guess the answer is yes

2)I don't know what revision these people are mentioning (some confusion due to an svn change some time ago). But you can grab the latest beta in our forum here: which is rev 1329 at the time of writing this. It should be quite faster than 0.9.6 too.
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Seeing as my PC practically the same I might be able to answer some questions about the games:
Kingdom Hearts 2... I know that Kingdom Hearts 1 works flawlessly at the very least.
Dragonball z Infinite Worlds... When running on 1680x1050 resolution I have 100% all the time.
Aemony, Any tips on config to get KH2 and Infinite worlds running nicely?

The whole changing everything/every plugin for each game thing is kind of confusing me o.o
Use GSDX, DX10 hardware mode,SPU2-X for sound and Lilypad for keyboard/pad that's it...I suggest you make ISOs of your discs so you get some fast loading times,by using the Linuz iso plugin to read the image directly.
For more thorough descriptions of what each thing does,read the very detailed configuration guide
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