Questions about extracting bios and what is needed
Instructions for extracting bios give me a headache. Before I sit down and try to see if I can figure out these instructions, I would like to ask a question or two first, to see if I can even do it.

First my situation, I have a playstation 2 (I believe the thin version), I got from a friend as a hand me down (friend has moved on to playstation 3) I got some games for it too, and some playstation 1 games. But I only have playstation 1 memory cards, which makes my RPG playstation 2 games all but unplayable till I get a playstation 2 memory card.

If I decide to buy one, I got to face issues like fake or real(and how to tell the difference), and whether I can go with a offbrand like mad catz and be alright, whether its a good idea to get the memory cards bigger then 8mb when I have none already. The price difference among these issues is huge, and my internet reseach range of find from rather inconsequential for going offbrand (especially with the likes of mad catz and a 8mb) to very troubling. So if any of you can help in that regard, it would be appreciated.

Also the drive on this bugger is dodgy, any light pressure will cause it to disengage(like if one of my cats steps on it during operation), and sometimes it has even disengaged without that when playing dvd movies, I got to tip it back or something to get it to see the drive/disk again. So the idea of being able to play my playstation 2 games on my fast linux PC with a much more reliable drive on it and space to spare for saves is very appealing. (and of course being able to play my playstation 2 games while I figure out the memory card thing, and even having the option of not buying one at all, is nice too)

So, can one extract the bios with a playstation 1 memory card?

I have some CDrs, but I have yet to get them to burn on my DVD drive despite the drive able to handle such AFAIR. Maybe its the way I was trying to burn or perhaps the ages between the CD-rs(which are very old) and the drive (which is much newer) are too different and thus incompatible.(it was a cheap drive, perhaps not able to handle disks of what ever older ink type or whatever) But my DVD-Rs burn just fine.

So can I use a DVD-R for the purposes of extracting the bios, or does it have to be a CD-R? Could it be a CD-RW? Could it be a DVD-R?

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Was long ago I extract the BIOS and don't remember the whole process from the top of my head, but I recall that the simplest way is getting a special bidirectional USB cable, commonly called USL211 and/or link/netlink cable.

It will make the connection from the PC with PS2 a breeze and turn a lot easier the whole process.
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If you have a PSOne or PS2 Mem-card doesn't affect if you can extract the BIOS from your PS2-console.
I can't say if you are able to extract the PSOne Mem-card content though.
I suggest you take a look at my guide (even though it's for Windows):
This thread said you need a memory card to extract the bios
"Dumping Your BIOS over LAN
What You Will Need

1. An 8mb memory card (An official Sony memory card is preferred with at least 1mb free) "

So I don't need a memory card? Or it just doesn't matter if it is ps1 or 2?

Do I need to burn a disk?

What is a good guide for this for linux? Like the one with the USB cable for example. Netlink cable, you mean ethernet cable?
Well, this surely has been enough time for someone to answer by now...
(02-11-2013, 08:32 PM)truepurple Wrote: Well, this surely has been enough time for someone to answer by now...

Don't know if you're still curious about how to extract the bios from a PS2 but I believe I can help you out as I just did it today. So there's many ways you can go about doing this but the main idea is to be able to boot ulaunch.elf and load the dumpbios-mass.elf file. You can use another elf file but I personally like this one. (Mainly because the other elf file didn't work out for me). Anyway to load up ulaunch.elf you can install the Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) exploit on a ps2 memory card and try it that way. In my opinion it's the easiest but to get FMCB on the memory card is another story. I believe can help you out with that. The dumpbios-mass.elf file is available from the Downloads section of this website so that shouldn't be an issue. Put the dumpbios-mass.elf file on a usb or sd card to usb adapter and load up ulaunch.elf. From there navigate to mass and you should see the dumpbios-mass.elf file. You can click on that and it should take you to a screen letting you know it's dumping your bios. Once it's done, everything should say completed, you can turn off your ps2, and put the usb in your computer. You should see 5 different files, you can copy these to the bios directory of pcsx2. If you're using Ubuntu this should be under a hidden folder called .config in your home directory. You should see pcsx2 underneath .config and bios underneath pcsx2. That's it! You're done! The main issue is loading up ulaunch.elf. Once you got that, you're good to go. Hope this helps!

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