Questions for Optimal Play
What do you guys recommend for optimal speed and performance?

PC Specs:
8 gb DDR3 1333 ram
phenom II x4 840 3.2GHz
GTX 960

nothing is overclocked
any input will be appreciated, need any other info ask and I will update.
I have fiddled with the default plugins and I couldn't get Dark cloud to run smoothly, the opening sequence at the dark altar drops down to 55-60% speed.
I am running it off a disk if that matters

Thanks guys ,

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The first step would be to make an ISO of your game, easiest and most reliable method is to get a program called ImgBurn, it's free and not too difficult to use Smile

Beyond that we will need to know how your PCSX2 is currently set up (main settings, gsdx settings, spu2-x settings) and if you are wiling to overclock your cpu as that will make the biggest difference if you are able to
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