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Questions help please!
Hey, so I just discovered this website...I just never knew you could play PS2 games on PC. I always wanted to play FFX, but I never had a PS2. So, may someone point me into the direction on how to work this program? is it a simple step by step thing? do I need intensive coding knowledge or anything? and where do I get the game? do I have to download the game or do I buy the PS2 games in stores? please help and thanks so much!

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Hmm, so I read the config guide and it said you need a BIOS file, and it is only obtainable from a PS2 Console. So, is it possible to use a friend's PS2 or something?
you need to use the bios you own.
Means you need to usse the bios from your own console
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use BIOS other than from PS2 that u own and that's illegal..
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