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Questions on updating my pcsx2 to the most recent version
This may seem a silly question, but I had a problem with this on another emulator. I have an old version of pcsx2, and was about to update it before starting a new game. But I'm wondering if after I update will I still be able to access the games save states and such I had on the older version. As mentioned I had this happen before and it was a pain to get things working again, and I'd rather avoid that if possible.

Also... if I do update this, would it be better to just download it right away, or to uninstall the older version first?

I probably sound like an idiot asking such questions, but I like to be SURE I know what I'm doing as I make mistakes QUITE easily lol. I once over wrote a program called 'windows' which didn't work so well, so.... yea. Pardon the idiot on your forums, but if anyone could confirm this stuff for me i'd appreciate it.

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savestates: nope
Memory Cards: yes

but you can just downloade the "Portable" / noninstalling version of the newest pcsx2 and keep ur old + the new version
So I'd lose the save states.... hm. That could be bad. I'll try this 'portable' version, see if I can get that to work. Seems like it would make things complicated having two versions at once, but when has the internet ever lied to anyone? Am I right? Wink
Its not complicate, you just extract the noninstalling version with winrar or 7zip or whatever into a folder, and there is the whole emulator and you can just start it.
exactly mainly since savestates are version dependant.
If possible replace savestates by in-game saves on your old version...

I think savestates can be compatible if there was no dramatic change. (I think the savestate version number does not increase every time a new revision is released)

But if you are using 0.9.8 till now you will get problems...
Yeah, sometimes savestates stay compatible. I recently loaded a 1.2.1 save in 1.3.0. But it's best to use card saves.
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