Quick Q
OK just found out about the pcsx2 emul and I have to say thank you.
also I was reading a post but my cpu is 1.80 gherz. Yes I know thats bad Blush but even with speed hacks can I run some games.
Should have added this to but
Ram: 7 gigs
video card: 1 gig something dont have boxed yet on its way
os Windows vista 64.

Sorry about how this post will look, this is the poor education of schools in Ohio.

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you didn't even ask a question.
can I run some of the games even if I have to use speed hacks with a 1.80 gherzt cpu?
a 1.8ghz cpu?
is it a dual core?

anyways, you can 'run' games, but they'll be slow.
disgaea I & II are some of the fastest games on the emulator, you can try those.
but probably even those games would run slow on your PC.
will they run fast on 2.3GHz?
Well regardless it's a dual core or single core CPU, you will only be able to "walk" some game instead of "run", without overclocking.
Well its a quad core 1.80 ghertz.
Didn't think it would be fast enough but thanks for the quick answers and sorry about the chaos I brought

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