Quick Question regarding FFX
I have it runing at, well amazing framerates, I can handle it up to 150 FPS with 6x native resolution and AA with DX11 Hardware mode. My problem is that at base 50 FPS it seems.... I'm not sure how to put this.. but slow? Voices seem to be slow, (Characters sound like they have a half attempted midlands accent). Is 50 FPS the base framerate for FFX or is 60? Because when I bumped the frame limiter % to get 60 FPS the FMV's seemed to be too fast.

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If your game region is PAL then it is 50fps and if it is NTSC then it is 60fps.
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The first version of FFX I played is the Japanese International version, which has the base framerate of 60. Some time later I played the PAL version (50 FPS) and noticed that all actions were done in slow motion compared to the NTSC-J.

The PAL version of FFX sucks. It is a bad conversion from the International version. $quare €nix forced the game to run at a slower speed instead of converting it to PAL. The game FMVs are another story, converting a video is pretty easy, and they run at their normal speed at 50 FPS. That's why you feel they're fast at 60 FPS.

Did you play your PAL version on your PS2 and notice that the whole game, including FMVs, is stretched 16:9? Yeah it really sucks.
Can you please share with me how you were able to run this game so well?
My computer primarily. I'm running an i5 2500k overclocked to 4.5k ghz, and a GTX 560Ti.

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