Quick question.
So, my TV broke, long story.

I had the hankering to play Persona 3 Res, which I never had the opportunity to until now, so I decided to see how to emulate my ps2 games and came across this site!

I did all the necessary reading, tweaking and the like, got my Bios, made an iso of it and all that jazz, but the game runs choppy and is pretty unplayable, so i was wondering if my computer just isn't powerful enough, which is a good possibility.

Ahtlon 64 3500+
1.0 GB Ram
Ati x1600 vid card
WinXP sp3

Give me the bad news doc

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Quick question...for a quick answer...Yes, your computer isn't powerfull enought. Maybe OC'ing it a bit and with some speedhacks who knows. And btw it's PES not Res. =P
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Q9550 @ 3,33GHz Ninja
HD 3850

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