Quick question regarding random FPS drop.
I am just curious as to whether this is normal or not.
I was just playing Guilty Gear XX Slash and it runs great at constant 60FPS.
However every now and then it will drop down to 20 or 40 fps for a few seconds, say about 5 then speed back up then drop again.
I have made sure nothing is running in the background like anti virus or any kind of auto update.

My question is if this is just something the emulator does or if I need to look into my processes more to see if something is hogging my CPU.


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Are you running the game from ISO or the disc?
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ISO. I have the disc but it was very slow running from that Smile
maybe you are lacking of RAM... do you have at least 2 Gb if you are using Vista ? (and 1 Gb if using XP)
virus scan usually take more than 5 second, so it doesn't seem this.
Windows indexing service could be the coulprit here. It does random hard drive file rearanging for faster search, but it slows down the hard and cpu while doing it.

Disable that from services and see if you experience this problem again.
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I have 4GB of DDR3 at 1500Mhz. OS is the windows RC 64bit.
Good call on the indexing. I do have this on so that could be the issue. I will give it a go.
I just tried the US version of Guilty gear accent core and it just seems to lock up. I will have a search through the forum for a fix.
Thanks for the tips guys.

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