Quick qustion regarding "In-game FPS drop"
I am trying to Run "Rourni Kenshin" , the menus are perfect and the cutsence too but when the gameplay starts it drops to 13 fps and become really slow , I tried the frame skipng didnt hel much , so can anyone explain why some games have 60 fps ingame and this dosent?

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i have the same problem with final fantasy XII menu and cutscenes work very well but as soon as im ingame drops to as low as 9fps and aver 15fps
The simple answer is:

]A. Menus and cutscenes are computationally simple, and thus render to screen quickly and efficiently.

B. In game 3D scenery is considerably more complex, and so is the computations required to perform clipping/bounds-checking of both your player character and non-player characters present in the area... and thus render to screen much slower than menus or cutscenes.

Conclusion: This is defined and expected behavior.

Note: The real answer on B is even more complex, since there are specific things that some games do via the PS2 hardware that make it incredibly difficult to emulate them accurately on the PC. FFXII happens to be one of those games (not sure about Kenshin).
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your guys comps may not be powerful enough to run certain games at full speed, but if you dont post your specs, we wont know.

those other games nerox9 said he can run at 60 fps are probably games that aren't very performance demanding.
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I got a laptop , Core2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00 GHZ ,3072 mb DDr2 Ram , Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT 512MB ,

And the only games I tried so far are Kenshin and Soul eater , Soul eater worked perfect.
Your cpu isn't a good one to run a game with pcsx2.

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