R&C 2 Game issue - NOT graphical or audio
I've been using pcsx2 for well over a year now, and I've encountered an issue in Ratchet and Clank 2, where in the galactic gladiators challenges, ammo boxes have stopped spawning completely in any of them. I know they're meant to, as up until one of the later challenges, they were all spawning ammo boxes, and now none are. Searching online has yielded no mention of a non-emulator bug that could cause this, so I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas? I've restarted both the emulator and my computer fully, and tried both using a save state and straight up loading a saved game, to no effect. Disabling speedhacks has also had no effect, in any of the challenges. Let me know if there's any files I should post, I am somewhat new to using forums in general.

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I would try a full iso boot , disable all hacks and switch to software render. Load the game normally and see if it fixed. Also use version 1.6.0 official

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