R-Type Final/REZ not working @ 0.9.7
Hi there,

first of all, thanks to this generous team of programmers to let us PS2 games fans play them on our bedrooms/laptops/everywhere! Truly great to play SotC wherever I want Happy

Second, I have this annoying problem with Rez & R-Type Final. Everytime I try to run them the PS2 menu appears with the two memcards and a PS2 disc (so it says) under the first memcard. I select it, try to run it to no avail. It resets the system each and every once!

FWIW, I'm running non-original backups cos I've sold both games back then. But I wanted to revive them and, after a long search, trying to buy them is very expensive and difficult to say the least. So I'm sticking with ISO images.

Does anyone know if I need to do sth to run them? Cos I have SotC, ICO, Black & DQVIII ripped to ISO from original discs and they run pretty fine.


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Sorry but according to our rules if you don't own the originals we cannot give you support, since it is considered piracy and illegal. You can come back after you buy the games to get support here.
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