RE01, Help ( Sound problems)
Hello, When i downloaded your wonderful program my first thought was "Omg i'm going to play Resident evil Outbreak" well i did all that you know Configured best i could, Well after all that i Start it up you know the Menu and that is Really slow and annoying. but ingame it is playable. well with the Cut-Scenes like when you choose a char it doe's that intro. Well it has no sound? same with in-game cut Scenes no sound. . is there anyway to fix this or something i may have done wrong? my Computer is fine it can run Crysis TF2 all that Max settings and no problems. if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. (( Sorry if i posted in the wrong section )) Edit: Oh yes. when the zombies break into J's bar first misson, well when it does that Scene it is all messed up and shows like Red N Green Lines up and down the Screen.

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Are you using the beta 0.9.7? Because you should, a host of bugs has been fixed in that version since the last stable release (0.9.6). PS2 emulation can in no way be compared to PC gaming in terms of CPU-GPU power requirements, so do post your system specs as well.
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What PCSX2 settings? What plugin settings?
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I've got it working now, Turns out i had a wrong Plug-in Selected and my Res was to low for my Monitor, it is now working with about 60 - 80 FPS Sounds working Movies working such.

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