-REAL- Stereoscopic/Anaglyph 3D PCSX2 samples (unimplemented)
Hey everybody!

I know there are a couple of stuff out there that do 3D in PCSX2 but none of them seem to work correct since PCSX2 doesn't give a z depth to those programs/tools/drivers and what you get is a crosstalked pseudo 3D image...

It seems that such feature could get implemented natively (easily or not that's another story) in PCSX2 (atleast the anaglyph one).
Here are some anaglyph (red - cyan) samples @1080 p+ 8x MSAA (ps: there are a couple of tiny glitches in the 2D ellements of the games, if you try hard and notice them ignore them. Also excuse the slight crosstalk on some, I'm not the best on calibration)

Final Fantasy X (Ha, almost a PS3 remaster spoiler, I hope Square Enix will do the effort and release something better than that):
[Image: gsdx20120828040734.jpg]

Final Fantasy X-2:
[Image: gsdx20120828051420.jpg]

Final Fantasy XII (This is a REAL eye-candy):
[Image: gsdx20120827193139.jpg]

Kingdom Hearts:
[Image: gsdx201208280448425.jpg]

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories:
[Image: gsdx20120826005813.jpg]
[Image: gsdx20120826010238.jpg]

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+:
[Image: gsdx20120828043755.jpg]

Crash Nitro Cart:
[Image: gsdx20120827194940.jpg]

I post them in appreciation to PCSX2's developers since this material doesn't fit to the "post your images/videos" section of the main site but still I thought they were impressive and put into shame PS3 Remaster's last thing that PCSX2 can't do, 3D.
Also if anyone wants the real stereoscopic MPO versions (non anaglyph 3D) of those images (compatible with HTC EVO 3D, LG 3D phones, 3D TVs, Nintendo 3DS) feel free to PM me. I would attach them but they are quite big (~14MB) and I don't want to spare forum's bandwith with that stuff.

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Nice ones. but you could have added some more depth to the backgrounds and make the characters on +Focal Plane.
I didn't use photoshop or nothing (it's real 3D not fake photoshoped), I used a combination of cheats and apps to capture 2 photos of the field with 65 degrees of positioning to give a 3D effect that would not give you headache looking at it. The bad thing is that 2D ellements such as HUD waits for the next frame to capture them and creates some blurring...
What software are you using that integrates into pcsx2, and can you play the games as such or only take pictures?
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*base 64 images don't work here - ref*
It's a script actually that modifies the angle for every frame per second like: 1st frame left, 2nd frame right, 3rd frame left, 4th frame right etc using a cheat in cheat engine that controls the angle of the camera. (nothing professional or something that could lead to 3D :/) It results into half (effective) framerate but because PCSX2 doesn't actualy send a 3D image to get rendered on screen what you see is a shaking left to right image (epilepsy sortage alert XD). Like this it can't work to render actual 3D video realtime but gsdx could use the same idea I think to render proper 3D (stereoscopic) or render 2 images at the same time at half horizontal resolution specified in the plugin and combine them for Anaglyph.
Is the cheat in the cheat engine the same overall, or depends on the game?
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Depends on the game, but, gsdx could handle that universaly OR we could create costum 3D patches for each game if natively implementing something like this would cause problems.
The only problem in my theory is, what would happen if fps would fall under 60/50fps? Also the other problem in my theory is that effectivelly you get 30/25fps (though without slowdown) so its not really good framerate for 3D. In some games you could double the framelimmit (120/100fps) and could/would result fluent 60/50 fps with the use also of a cheat that halfs the game speed.
I don't know what gsdx internaly can do but even without z depth calculation you can implement 3D, I did the same on consoles that you can't implement 3D because of the limmitations of the console they emulate (PSOne and DS for example, I can post examples if you want, note they are still game depended)
Looks cool, but if it's different per game... then maybe it's similar to the widescreen hacks. I dunno if that could be done in GSdx itself. =S
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
I wouldn't try to use it for actual playing but it may be nice for some 3D images or maybe video even.
You CAN implement it for gaming (the same idea) but gsdx has to allow it/give the flag to video card for frameshifting 3D.

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