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-REAL- Stereoscopic/Anaglyph 3D PCSX2 samples (unimplemented)
I assume no because it's a fixed angle. Correct me if I'm wrong. If we can't tweak it real time then I guess custom made patches with varying degrees of stereoscopic intensity can be made. Of course this is assuming if the patch idea is implementable.

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(09-28-2012, 03:50 AM)jadentheman Wrote: Oh and if anyone can get that PSP3dplugin to display side by side rather then anaglyph. I would like to see how these PSP games would look in real 3D
Here's a (as accurate as possible) comparison how it would look on each case. One is how it looks on PSP, the second is how it would look anaglyph optimized in JPCSP and the last is the Side-by-Side version of the image. (I have the original mpo too if you want that)
JPCSP (Anaglyph)

(09-28-2012, 08:42 AM)KrossX Wrote: What if the game has a different control scheme, or you just cannot control the camera... or how about real time cutscenes? Ñeh, for a second I thought that device would've had some ideas.
It's basicaly (nearly) the same thing as the cheap version of my idea in practice.(I say nearly because I have a backup plan how to do that without costing in half effective fps) On the other side -internaly- you can do that even without patching/hacking/controlling the in-game camera, on a simmilar way the PSP plugin does that. As for the cutscenes, if you use the memory hacking idea it still works. On a real hardware the control input of the camera is disabled but you can still control it via memory hacking and the game can't do anything to restrict you from that. (Worked on Kingdom Hearts 1-2, Final Fantasy X- X-2 -XII, Tekken 4) Tongue2

(09-29-2012, 09:37 AM)KrossX Wrote: The problem is... how to transform the 3D stuff to begin with.

With a dubois or any other red cyan filter that mixes the 2 frames, first/second or side-by-side.

(10-12-2012, 06:33 AM)jadentheman Wrote: I assume no because it's a fixed angle. Correct me if I'm wrong. If we can't tweak it real time then I guess custom made patches with varying degrees of stereoscopic intensity can be made. Of course this is assuming if the patch idea is implementable.

You can do that with Cheat Engine using a script to anterate the angle in 60Hz but since it's one step away from implementation it's only usefull for images or recording a video and then use a script to pick every second frame for alternate angle and create/render/output a stereo/3D video. I'm pretty confident that what the video editing program does could get implemented internaly/natively.
If any method were to be implemented it should be side by side. It has the most compatibility with 3D monitors, tvs, etc. I'm sure pcsx2 doesn't want to have 3d compatibility issues with any computer. Maybe you can create the anaglyph filter as separate from the side by side file? Sure you would need another patch on top of that 3D sbs patch.
When can we expect a beta implemented in a SVN?

or at least when can we see a patch for games. Heck I'll even take a video sample of it in action as a proof of concept
It's not up to me, so I guess if not ever, not soon atleast.
why don't you implement it @klm? the source is open. make it generally usable and give the coders the code so they could merge it. might be just a lil function in gsdx. and you really need todo it in there with a zbuffer technique. i checked the side by side with a prism (the mirror trick - i don't ruin my eyes crossing that hack Tongue). the obvious thing is cheating that together looks pretty bad. the pictures are different. and the depth is still lame. actually only the gui and that lil particle thing have "3d". the whole scenery is more or less flat background with some random artifacts.
1st. Because by the time I will have enough knowledge to do such thing and be able to work in visual studio I bet all developers of PCSX2 will be physicaly dead and Playstation as a brand will be history.
2rd. I need to update my shots since I made a deeper research of exact angles that our brain constructs a correct 3D image. Those were more or less by experience images I did.
1. okay. you a slow learner? Laugh

2. you really only need a horizontal (or vertical? whatever - X) translation of the camera. but in screenspace not game world space. that way you get correct viewpoints for both eyes and the geometry gets projected correct for both. that's the only trick with the angles and seeing things spatial. you could do that "correct" (or atleast better) if you hack the projection matrix instead of the camera. Wink

that gui 3d only works cause you "see" the shifted (actually just flat rotated) background behind the gui panel and it's different for both eyes. same with that particle thingy. it looks kinda "3d" cause the positions are different. actually you shot a buggy or lucky 3d there cheating with animation frames.
I have zero knowledge in coding and my work (music producing/studio management) demands pretty like atleast 8-10 hours a day being infront of a computer and dozens of devices and pretty like the last thing I want to do after I'm done with work is being infront of a computer again.
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