RGB or YUY2 Which is the best looking color space?
I noticed the built in recorder has another option for color. RGB or YUY2

Don't know much about color spaces but which should I use if I want to capture good picture/color quality?

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The emulator's output is RGB, and most codecs will be recording in YUV 4:2:0 ("YUY2" is 4:2:2), so you should stick with RGB, as that will mean only one color conversion instead of two so no extra loss.

The codec will handle its own conversion to whatever codec it is recording in; you just want to muck things up as little as possible before that.
Cool. Sounds about right thank you.

(If anyone has any other usefull info on this feel free to say) I like learning XP
Some codecs will offer you the option to set what colorspace you'll encode to. If you have a decent CPU and plenty of disk space to spare for your recordings, you can retain the full color quality of pcsx2's output by recording in RGB with a lossless codec that supports RGB. HuffYUV, Lagarith, and Utvideo are some free ones that work nicely (also, Lag and Ut can multithread).

The advantage of RGB over YUY2/YV12 is most noticeable with bright reds and orange colors, since they get a bit distorted and pixelated around the edges in YUV encoding. You'll notice this with low quality JPEG images. Most viewers probably won't care or notice it though.

I just use a lossless codec maintain the quality up until the final encode to keep things looking nice.
Awesome info. So what is the best looking colorspace out their? Is it RGB? (I don't think "looking" is the right word) haha
Yes it's RGB but it also would take way more space than YUY2.
rgb that is the best. if you can get the games at rgb10a2 output. but there's no image compression for that yet.
the colour space is more tv dependant than it is recording.
(12-15-2011, 04:47 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: the colour space is more tv dependant than it is recording.

Is RGB better for TV? I read somewhere the RGB were mainly for computer monitors or somthing like that.
the TV tuner will transcode the consoles output to RGB anyway, whether your using component or multiplexed HDMI.

for a customer it doesn't matter. so just stick to the rgb standard and use it. damn. it'll work. Wink

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