RPG Maker 3 USB Keyboard Support
Hey. I have RPG MAker 3 on my PCSX2, and is there a plugin to make it so you can type in-game? (For example name of persons, towns, chat conversations and such)

Im struggling using my controller to write with :/

- Nic

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Use Nuvee ps2 usb plugin to emulate ps2 keyboard, through I didn't had much use of it myself, only accidently had it turned on in monster hunter 2, but well it does work;p.
How does It work its installed but how do you activate it
I guess it's automatically activated as long as you have a keyboard set in port 1 or port 2 in plugin config(you did select it as USB plugin?);3. Of course the game needs to support ps2 keyboard as well, ~ have no clue about RPG [email protected][email protected]
The game supports ps2 keyboards, but at the Port 1 and 2 it stood "KEYBOARD" "MOUSE" and "GAMEGUN" or something. There was no configs, and it IS listed under USB plugins.
Any info ? Smile
I can add that the Nuvee plugin works for RPG Maker 2 but does not work for RPG Maker 3. I am really hoping there is someone willing to help us find a solution as this would make this game a lot more fun if the tedious controller typing could be eliminated. Please let me know if you have found any other solutions.

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