RPG Maker 3 - no text?
Whenever I start my RPG Maker 3 game, the text doesn't show up. Pictures, videos, etc. show up fine, but text is nowhere to be found.

In the log window (the black one with all the white letters in it) it gives the following error message:

Quote:patches not found can't apply patches crc=5e01f3db

I can't find this patch file in the Patches folder nor do I know how to get it.

Some other information that might prove useful:
- I use the VM version of PCSX2.
- RPG Maker 3 is said to work well in the compatibility list (green).

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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you can't apply this patch because you don't have it (and noone has it). A patch helps if there is, but if not... doesn't matter.
Tried with beta and playground version? Maybe these could fix this bug.

Try also to change your GS plugin
Ah, thanks a lot! Changing my graphics plug-in helped. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that...
No problem ^^ Happy to be helpful

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