RTCW:Operation Resurrection - best settings for full controls (LilyPad emulator)?
Hello. I recently downloaded PCSX2 emulator to try out backed up ISO image of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Ressurection, but I quite do not understand the LilyPad emulator controls. Can you show me the reference to real gamepad that comes with physical PlayStation 2? I did not played it a long time and just forgot Laugh Also, I am not a native English speaker, so I did not really study what the controls really mean.

I am playing with keyboard and mouse settings (as I remember from PC version of the game), so I am also asking what are the best controls settings for RTCW with full (or full important) controls to best gameplay experience? Thank you Smile

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Bumping your thread. I started to play the game with PCSX2 and performance and image quality are good, but the controls are really awful.

I am playing with an Xbox 360 Controller and lilypad default settings. Question is, is it that just the controls are that bad compared to modern standards (although normally accustomed to PC gaming, I have usually no problems with console shooters), or are they misconfigured. Would using a Dualshock 3 instead of the X360-Pad help?
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