Rachet and Clank ISO Slow
I've been trying to get Rachet and Clank (the first one) to play somewhat decent, I've tried every "best pcsx2 settings" videos out there and none of them help.

Intel i3
1.70 ghz
8 GB ram

Is there anyway to play this reasonalbly?  Sad

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With that processor? Not likely
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R&C is one of the more demanding games. There are some i3's that generally are capable in pcsx2, but most of them are over 2 ghz. It isnt impossible, but it is improbable for your cpu to be sufficiently strong to run it at full speed, even with all the best settings there is.
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(04-14-2017, 03:38 AM)ryanboyl Wrote: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Ratchet-a...+and+clank

Quote:GSdx Settings => OpenGL
6x Native
You're recommending that guide to someone with a rig far worse than yours, and that guide states to use an Internal Resolution of 6x Native? Not exactly sound advice there. Using any Internal Resolution higher than 4x or 5x Native is a bit overkill in most scenarios, unless you're running at really high monitor resolutions, which I highly doubt he is.

At the most he'll be able to run it at 2x, MAYBE 3x with slowdowns. Also, OpenGL is only recommended if he has an NVIDIA card. Seeing as he has a somewhat dated system, an AMD card (even newer AMD cards) will run like crap for this game (and many others in PCSX2 due to crappy OpenGL drivers released by AMD). No idea what card he has though, so I'll leave that open. But still worth mentioning.
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