Radeon 46xx or nvidia 430
im going to add VGA card on i3 540 4GB RAM H55, mostly im playing tekken5, but also like to play god of war and racing such as gran turismo (current onboard VGA too slow for god of war), what you recommend me with? radeon or nvida

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For Tekken 5 I would reccomend going with Nvidia 460 SE just like Rezard has or buy a Nvidia GTX 580/560. Don't go with ATI 46xx series although the HP Special ATI Radeon HD 4650 DP 1GB works quite good for me and plays Tekken 5 with around 57-64 fps. Better go with Nvidia 460 SE or if possible bit above.

Onboard Cards are slow for PCSX2. Well, both of your Card will play God Of War at good speed. Grand Tourismo will run good or fine but will experience slowdown(sometimes a bit heavy) often.
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both of these chosen models are slow for GT and gow
best to get the HD58?? or HD68?? or GTX460Ti~higher Ti or GTX560~higher Tt
and the i3 needs to be upgraded also w/ i5-????K or i7-????K unlocked it ranging 4.0~5.0ghz.

GT and GoW is a monster game application.
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God of war runs quite good here. Tongue2 And yes its better to upgrade the CPU too.
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GT 430 is basically a decent enough card. It just may not always be able to handle as much up-scaling as you might want it to, or none at all.

Radeon HD 4600s are about the same, but it depends on the particular data rate of the card. Most are about equal to a GT 430, while the best is just a bit better (the kind of difference you could OC for).

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