Radeon HD 3870 why my CPU core remaining at 300Mhz?
I have a 800Mhz core speed when 3D games are detected it's suppose to kick up to it's core speed. But the core remains at 300Mhz when using PCSX2.. no wonder performance is so laggy is their no real video acceleration with PCSX2? I know for the older PSX the GPU made a difference but with PCSX2 I don't even see it doing anything.

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You are sure it's the GPU that's limiting you? If you use GSdx and it shows 99% CPU usage in the title bar make sure it's using a (Hardware) renderer, however if it's not the GPU but the CPU that is your bottleneck for your game (like game using 40% CPU only) there shouldnt be a reason for the GPU to get overclocked if it isnt being used much anyway. If it is using a (Hardware) renderer and showing 99% cpu usage then indeed is a problem in the 3d detection which is outside of PCSX2 area and i'd suggest downgrading your drivers.

What game are you playing and what are your full PC Specs?
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which tool do you use to dynamically set the clock rates of it? perhaps it just fails to recognise pcsx2 as a 3d application.
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Zero: Radeons automatically set their clock rates down, almost exactly like CPU's speedstep and Cool'n'Quiet. Once there is any load on the hardware it restores the clockrate to where it should be.

Molitar: Maybe if you gave up some more info... What driver version are you using? Also what version of pcsx2 and which version of gsdx?
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SPU2-X 1.20
Bios US v02.20

Also no matter what I try I can not get video using ZeroGS so stuck using GSDX. Game I am playing is .Hack GU Rebirth
Well, there is no problem getting "stuck" with gsdx since it's by far and away the better graphic plugin for speed/compatibility.

Unfortunately, your PC in general just isn't going to be good enough for this game. .hack//GU is a monster and runs really slow (1/2 speed in Mac Anu) on my PC which is notably better than the one you currently have.

I just today ordered a new mobo and processor (Athlon X3 720) which is known to easily overclock to 3.5ghz so I'll be able to test it again in a few days to see if it would even run decent on that system... but even though I know it'll be able to handle many more games, I still don't have high hopes for .hack//gu.
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You could try overclocking the GPU yourself using something like RivaTuner, EVGA Precision Tool, or ATI Tool.
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