Radiata Stories FPS issues
First time posting here so if I provide insufficient information I do apologize. Starting with my rig:
GPU: Nvidia - GTX 770
CPU: i7-4770k 3.50GHz
RAM: 32g

PCSX2 Plugins and Settings:
GS: Gsdx (MSVC 18.00, AVX) 0 0.1.16
Audio: Spu2-X r5830 2.0.0
CDVD: Whichever comes with the emulator(Not sure where to find this plugin)
USB: USBnull r5822 0.7.0
FW: FWnull r5822 0.7.0
DEV9: DEV9null r5822 0.5.0

Default speedhacks enabled and tri-arch game fix enabled.
No FXAA, AA or Shadeboost enabled.

Game runs fine through the opening scene, but, as soon as it gets to the part where Jack and his sister start talking to each other the GS hits 100% and the frames drop to about 27-30 a second. I'm entirely new to using PCSX2 so I am at a loss at what I can do to fix this. Any help would be much appreciated, Radiata Stories is one of my favorite RPGS and I would love to be able to play it again.

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please post a screenshot of your GSdx plugin settings and speedhacks section settings.
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Sure thing, here they are:

P.S.: Figured out where to see which CDVD plugin I was using and it was "cdvdGigaherz 0.9.0".
Press F9 to switch to Hardware Mode in-game.
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Holy hell! Thank you! That worked perfectly!
You're welcome. If you come across any graphic glitches on any game press F9 again to get rid of it. It works most of the time.
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So far the only glitch I encounter now is an audio one. Every so often when a sound tries to cue over the music it kind of stutters a bit or slows down. Not game breaking though.
You could change the Synchronizing option from TimeStretch to Async mix in SPU2 settings.
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That seemed to fix it, again, thank you for all your help!

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